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Immunology Commitment

By addressing the entire patient journey, we seek to raise the standard of care in immunology and help make a difference in more lives.

Committed to Patient Care and Advocacy

We are fundamentally transforming how patients with immune-mediated inflammatory conditions are treated, especially those with unmet needs. We take innovative approaches to advance science and deliver care to patients and their communities—as part of both good medicine and our role as a responsible global citizen.

Addressing Unmet Needs

Patients are not just the recipients, but the reason behind our science. We look beyond symptoms to the entire patient experience, developing tailored solutions that aim to minimize the effects of disease.

  • Understanding how patients will respond to treatment, the genomics behind each disease and the optimal delivery methods are the building blocks of our strategy. By focusing on the foundational elements of treatment, we can more effectively target and treat the underlying cause of a condition.
  • We set a high bar for success in our clinical trials—always aspiring to achieve remission, not merely symptom management.

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