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Oncology Discovery & Development

Delivering smarter solutions faster to the oncology community.

Research is Where It All Begins

AbbVie has a deep heritage in oncology research. Our methodologies to advance cancer treatment are becoming foundational to the next generation of cancer treatment. We research, validate and target specific molecular pathways, allowing us to discover and develop innovative cancer therapies that aim to disrupt the natural progression of cancer cells. Our efforts combine a deep understanding of how cancer works with state-of-the-art technologies to deliver smarter solutions faster.

A Prioritization of the Unmet Need

As a global biopharmaceutical company, our development process begins with the patient. Our efforts are focused on cancers with a significant unmet medical need. AbbVie is currently evaluating 16 compounds in more than 200+ active clinical trials in various settings around the world as potential treatment options for 20+ types of cancer.

A Remarkable Impact in the Lives of People with Cancer

To help cancer patients, we focus on innovation: identifying ways to streamline the R&D process and investing in technologies and approaches that help us to advance the delivery of promising treatments. Additionally, we are designing adaptive clinical trials, which help us to more rapidly establish proof of concept and determine the appropriate dose of an investigational medicine—making our clinical trials smarter, faster and more efficient.
We are also focusing on new methods, such as biochemical markers, imaging technologies and the use of definitive, clinical endpoints, which may help us more quickly evaluate the effectiveness of our oncology compounds.

Ongoing Collaborations with the Best Scientists

Four of our world-class research facilities have a strong focus in oncology, where researchers work to discover and develop medicines that will make a transformational improvement in cancer treatment. Each location brings leadership in distinct areas of oncology research – from core biologies like apoptosis, DNA damage, cancer stem cells and immuno-oncology, to cutting-edge technologies like antibody drug conjugates (ADC), DVD/bispecifics and cell-based therapies.

Oncology R&D Centers:

Lake County, Illinois
Redwood City, California
South San Francisco, California
: formerly Stemcentrx
Sunnyvale, California: home to Pharmacyclics LLC, an AbbVie Company