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Our discovery and development process always begins with the patient. How are patient needs not currently being met? How can we improve their treatment options? How can we work toward better outcomes? Starting with patient needs helps us focus our efforts and keeps our eye on our goal: to help patients improve their health and their lives.


Our discovery and development efforts are focused on a core set of therapeutic areas where we have proven expertise and where we believe we can have an even greater impact on the disease and how it is managed. These core areas of focus include hepatitis C (HCV), neuroscience, immunology and oncology.

Read more about medicines we’re developing in these areas in Pipeline.


Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

Our antiviral programme is focused on developing treatments for hepatitis C (HCV), a disease that affects more than 170 million people worldwide, with approximately 4 million people newly infected each year. HCV infections can potentially lead to long-term complications. AbbVie scientists are working to transform current treatment practices by investigating a new treatment regimen that is for patients with genotype 1 HCV. We have several compounds for HCV in late-stage development, including protease, non-nucleoside polymerase and NS5A inhibitors.


We are conducting innovative research on compounds that target receptors in the brain. These receptors help regulate pain, mood, memory and other neurological functions. We have a number of early and advanced investigational compounds in human studies for conditions such as schizophrenia, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis (MS)—all of which affect millions of people worldwide.


AbbVie's scientific experience with our anti-TNF biologic serves as a strong foundation for continuing research in immunology. AbbVie is investigating a number of additional indications, including spondyloarthropathies, hidradenitis suppurativa and uveitis, all of which are in late-stage development. Our early discovery programmes are focused on the investigation of both targeted oral therapies and biologics. AbbVie scientists are innovators in the antibody therapeutic field, with the creation and development of proprietary Dual-Variable Domain antibodies (DVD-Ig), which allows for creating combination biologics to simultaneously target multiple pathways responsible for disease progression.


Our oncology research is focused on the discovery and development of targeted therapies that work against the processes cancers need to survive. We are investigating both small- and large-molecule approaches, and our internal research efforts are balanced with external collaborations across industry, academia and government. AbbVie's oncology pipeline includes seven new molecules in clinical trials, being studied in more than 15 different cancers and tumour types, including some of the most widespread and difficult to treat cancers such as multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.


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