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Advancing Medicine in New Zealand Through Exceptional Partnerships

AbbVie partnerships are dedicated to two important outcomes: delivering innovative new medicines and having an impact on peoples' lives. Our passion for translating science into effective medicine and our focus on becoming a true, valuable collaborator makes our partnerships highly effective.

Our partners share our commitment to addressing many of the world's greatest health needs and we work together, transparently and respectfully, to establish long-term relationships that combine best efforts, thinking, and resources to improve the health of patients and provide them with access to innovative treatments.

As members of Medicines New Zealand, we are committed to marketing and promoting our medicines in accordance with the industry Code of Practice. 


Partnerships with Healthcare Organisations

AbbVie is dedicated to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with a diverse range of New Zealand Health Consumer Organisations. These groups play a vital role in educating and supporting patients, families and their carers, and AbbVie is committed to building partnerships that are based on mutual respect and integrity, and sharing the common goal of maintaining credibility and independence.

We seek to support Healthcare Organisations to exceed in their mission, helping to develop patient education resources; ensure patients receive early diagnosis; raising awareness of disease conditions and providing timely access to new medicines and treatment.